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9/15/17:  New Reading Hour episode at Youtube - hear excerpts and get perspectives on modern fairy tale telling from Grimm's American Macabre at

8/28/17: The long awaited publication of my mystery pine article is now available!  Read it at

8/21/17: Curious about the copper tooling people of the Americas' ancient past? Then join me as I explore them via the tools compiled in the Copper Artifact Master Database.  I've got three videos posted so far on my copper research at YouTube. The goal is to see if this material is interesting enough for me to work toward a full documentary script on copper tooling.

The 1st is an overview on what copper tooling is and how I got involved, and gives you a look at the Hamilton collection in Wisconsin:

The 2nd was filmed in 2015 after I presented at a copper conference. I did some exploration of the Wisconsin River/Lake Nokomis area and talk about trade and how long people have been tooling in the area according to the CAMD.

The 3rd covers a donation to the Vilas County Museum and the perfect use of the CAMD.

The 4th will cover other perspectives on copper, and the 5th will do a little myth-bashing. Stay tuned for more on the Copper Artifact Master Database, and see material on its page here.


The 7/19/17 edition (Steinbring edition) of the Updated Wittry Typology is available here.

Bonanza TV Novel: CARTWRIGHT SAGA is available on the Bonanza page for FREE download. Click on "More" above and then on "Bonanza." Will update that page SOON.

Just given this one that looks wonderful - encourage reading in your grandchildren!
Find Small Press markets here:

Get your BOOYAH PDF! Everything you want or need to know about the Green Bay area phenomenon, Chicken Booyah, a delicious soup served at church picnics, fund raisers and some restaurants in the area. Click BOOYAH INVENTION to get your copy! 

My last interview after publishing Vrykolakas Tales with Solstice:

My very unusual short story that was published last year: "A Job as Told in Fortune Cookies,"

AVAILABLE NOW! This is an adventure like nothing you've ever seen before.  24 short stories, one for every corner of this Grimm House. Purchase autographed from me for only $16.50, includes shipping in the U.S. Click on the cover above to read excerpts.  MAGICAL COVER -- CAN YOU FIND THE ELFIN FAIRY LOOKING BACK AT YOU?
CLICK on each novel below to read more!

Click on the image to go to the Media Kit and learn more about each novel, including the first chapter read.

OTHER WORKS in Submission or Edit

THE GENERAL AND THE SOLDIER: Following orders. This  CIVIL and INDIAN Wars book shows how much Grant figured in Henry's orders, so focused more on that and reduced a lot of the material down but still it spans from 1862 through 1884, and beyond. It's an intriguing comparison between orders to a general and to a soldier, and how this country's changes affected them both. CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE: Following Orders is the previous version that took me nearly 20 years to research and write, about my grandfather's great uncle's 20 years in the army between 1862 and 1884.  Available for publication, this would make great required reading at the high school or college level. Get lots of real Civil War and Indian Wars information by signing up to be notified when this is published.

DINNER AT MARSHALL FIELDS: a fiction memoir, in submission. About a woman who learns a lot about herself in the 60s while writing about her past relationships including to the mob in Chicago in the 1940s, lots of music references that reflect her growth from man dependent to a feminist. An intriguing look at how memories escape us, until we area really forced to confront our past and its effect on our lives today.

BLOODLOVE: the full-length contemporary romance of the Vrykolakas Arabus Drake, here he follows up on the last adventure in the published novel Adventures in Death & Romance. In first draft.

MISADVENTURES IN DEATH & FRIENDSHIP: Vrykolakas Tales. In Submission.  This time stories of Arabus' attempts to win friends and hold companions, through history, starting in 1504 Italy and ending in Vietnam.  This continues Arabus' desires for acceptance, but through his attempts at friendship, and how we all use friends as long as there's a mutual benefit.

SIX CHAMBERS LOADED: a fiction anthology following the historical ownership of 1871 Colt 45, demonstrating how the power of the gun can change its owners. In submission.

Copper Artifact Master Database (CAMD):  museums being contacted and data being entered. Over 52,000 artifacts in CAMD so far, and grant applied for to continue the work, and start getting articles out there. Have two copper presentations set up for next year.  Will attempt to put out sectional resource manuals but until that happens, get your specific location needs here, a lot cheaper. Data available for 10 cents a line.

IF IT RAINS IN PARIS,: a semi-autobiographical movie script about my daughter and I taking my mother to Paris when she was 80.  Available for optioning.

DEAD MAN'S PASS: my cattle-driving script, first written as a Rawhide, now an adventure in the diversity of the Old West with great female roles, too, and with cultural intensity and truth.  Seeking investors.

AWAKENED, a script based on Vrykolakas Journal, in edit and queries out.

FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE: In edit; this is light erotica, a non-traditional fantasy romance detailing the struggle between men and women for control of the planet.  In edit.

BURIED IN SOIL & SOUL:  Archaeology romance thriller in first draft, involving my research of copper artifacts master database; in first draft.

FOLLOWING ORDERS: a movie script that follows Grant's orders that culminate in George Custer's demise at the Little Bighorn, submitted to competition

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