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Monette Bebow-Reinhard, born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, raised three children just north of there. She now has a full-time job in Madison and hsuband Joe joined her there when he sold the house and the family business. They are now preparing their retirement, but she expects to work until at least July 2018.

She earned her BA in History/Communications from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Cum in 2000, and her MA in History from UWEC in 2006. 

After working for years in office administration, she also runs her own writing/editing business. She is former moderator of the Green Bay Reading Writers Guild, a writing group that held three books fests while she was in charge.  She hasn't found a writer's support group in Madison yet that fits her needs, but a new one has formed to check out. 

She is former newsletter editor for the Manitowoc County Civil War Round Table and is seeking publication on a 437-page Civil War & Indian wars nonfiction book, created off her master's degree, and has presented performances of the soldier featured in the book as an old man telling his stories, the most recent in Albuquerque this past September. She will offer more when the book is under contract.

She also does research as the only archaic copper “culturalist” in the country—her newsletter, “Archaic Copper News,” had to be suspended in its 6th year when working full-time interfered. She hopes to start it up again when she retires. She is former curator of the oldest copper burial ground in the country.  She is compiling a master database of all copper artifacts (CAMD) found in the Americas and does presentations and articles on the topic. Most recently she presented on the copper celt trade network at MAC in Indianapolis, and a copper article has been accepted for publication by Turtle Island Quarterly.

Her Arndt research took a simple history of the little burg called Pensaukee to National Historic Status for the Arndt Sawmill in Pensaukee.  “History is about attitude. The more we learn about why things happened as they did, the more truth we reveal.”  Her article appeared in Voyageur in 2015.

For fun she writes movie scripts (one has won awards); thanks to scriptwriting she met the producer of the TV series Bonanza, David Dortort, and became the only currently published authorized Bonanza novelist with Felling of the Sons, and Mystic Fire, (Write Words, Inc.), both heavily steeped in real history. She has had numerous short stories and articles published, and other novels she is marketing, all historical. She is also working with a producer on a TV series, and is actively promoting other scripts.

She is also doing a series of videos to promote her novels and the CAMD. They can be found at YouTube.

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