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Fear in 2007

Posted by bebowreinhard on July 19, 2016 at 12:15 AM

(The first part of this is what I actually wrote in 2007 and is directed at those who believe Obama created our current climate.)

I’m afraid for our children.

Crandon, 2007, six people are gunned down by a 20-year-old off-duty cop, after his girlfriend rejected him. He then shot himself.

Fear has been advocated within our society nearly since the beginning of George W. Bush’s reign as president. We are all today taught to be afraid, to fear airplanes, high school and the man next door. All are suspect.

The world is ending, we’re told, because the ice caps are melting - - but don’t give up that SUV because you might need it to escape the raging floods.

How are our young people holding up under all this fear? Did the young Crandon cop react so violently because of fear? And who said a 20-year-old is mature enough to be a cop and handle all those guns?

What about the fellow last year who shot so many at Virginia Tech? His mental duress slipped under the radar even at the gun shop.

Fear - - orange, red, green, just giving it a color is a symptom of a sick society.

Carl Jung said once that we make enemies of others by seeing their evil, yet we never see it in ourselves. Fear is one of those evils because it is a symptom of the evil within our society that we choose not to reveal.

Global warming is supposedly a result of all the gas guzzling over-consumptiveness of our society. But no one will call it an evil.

Our terrorist alert fear of neighbors and other strangers is due to the wrongs committed by our society that we refuse to see as evil.

And now we are raising our children in a climate that has become even more unstable because children are now finding access to weapons. They’re afraid. They learn well from us. Until this country is able to admit where it has come derailed, fear will continue.

Think about it. We have kids becoming cops at age 20; before they can legally buy alcohol they can get a gun and kill people. Fear exists in this distorted society. It’s a real wake-up call, and we need to listen.

Fear and guns. A lethal combination.

* * *

Flash forward – Fear 2016

No, fear has not been addressed, although Obama has been trying hard. It continues in the form of white fear quaking in the wake of minorities beginning to take over their world. We have a black president and in their quaking minds that makes it worse, and now a woman running against a white bigot Trump, someone no one would ever have thought could get that far. But he plays on our fears, and they listen. Yes, the fears listen. He will build walls. He will deport or at least dehumanize the Islam society. He will – oh who are we kidding? He’s lying to everyone. But he IS playing on their fears.

Those with guns. Gun nuts. So afraid of a little regulation to help prevent incidents like the mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando. So sure that we all need guns to protect ourselves, but cops can be shot down in the street, and they have guns. There goes that argument.

I’m not afraid of people with guns. I’m afraid people with guns are running and ruining our society by not being able to let go of their fear.

That story in Crandon? I wondered if I had all the details so I went to look it up.

UPDATED Sunday, May 23, 2010 --- 7:05 a.m.

CRANDON, Wis. (AP) — A judge's ruling has gone against the survivor of a mass shooting in Crandon and families of the four victims.

The parties had sued the city of Crandon and Forest County following the October 2007 shooting by Tyler Peterson. He was a part-time Crandon police officer and full-time Forest County sheriff's deputy.

The families claimed Peterson's mental instability led to the shootings and should have been recognized under Wisconsin's Law Enforcement Standards.

A judge dismissed that lawsuit last month, saying the city and county weren't responsible.

Now the judge has ordered the plaintiffs to pay almost $21,000 of the city and county's legal costs.

Plaintiffs' attorney Jim Olson tells WLUK they will appeal that decision.


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