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Posted by bebowreinhard on May 28, 2017 at 10:25 AM
I???ve been called a troll at times on Facebook when my comments run contrary to the initial post or a previous comment. But if that???s all a troll is, then we are all trolls. I recently called someone a troll on the TV series Grimm fans' page because he kept saying the same negative stuff about the show over and over, regardless of what the others were saying. A troll will attempt to spoil fun, and make you hate what they sense you love. Aidan McCoy, author of Faery Folk, defined a troll as someone who is ???hairy and bipedal, and some are quite grotesque.??? They ???hate humans, animals and other fairies??? and like to throw rocks at them (p. 322). Thus the troll on the internet is aptly named for throwing rocks at posts. Let???s take a closer look at these rocks. 1. Filled with stuff that isn???t true. 2. Coated with their opinion and no facts. 3. Often filled with insults. 4. Pelts comments just to see people get mad. Pretty simply put, a troll tells lies, or stuff he knows isn???t true, or gives an opinion meant only to create anger, spoil the party, or ruin the discussion. He doesn???t care about adding something valuable or about being respectful. He has a belligerent tone and will often resort to name-calling and insults. When a troll is recognized, there is only one response. Ignore them. In the case of the Grimm's fan, he continued to complain about the writing of the show, even though we were having a discussion about how much we were enjoying it. We would remind him that it was his opinion but he continued to state it as though it were a simple fact and we were all idiots for not seeing it. We finally called him out, and one of the members even said she was going to report him. Trolls never use their right names. This is why I can???t be a troll. They don???t want people to know who they are so they set up bogus FB pages. I suppose some even use their real names???that???s possible, if they don???t have or don???t want friends or desire for any kind of positive relationships online. As a writer and author myself, I need to be careful of what I say, so I???m not a troll. I do say things counter to postings, but only if they???re true and logical, and I apologize if I???m shown how I???m wrong. Trolls don???t apologize. At most, they just crawl back under the bridge to await a new victim. And I do name call at times, but only if I sense they???re trolls, because their comments are so ludicrous. In my Grimm's story, ???the Troller,??? the gal uses imaginative lies to drive people crazy online. Through some kind of perverse twist in the universe, lies invade her real life that appear to be a real part of her real life. This is related to one trolling she did where she claimed to have a part in a movie that was being filmed locally. She invented a role for herself and a time schedule where she was going to show up for filming, which she never intended to do. But then her real life and her imagined worlds collide. She thinks she???s married. She thinks she???s being raped. She thinks there are cannibals in her backyard. She thinks her neighbors are aliens. This troller gets what she deserves at the end for all her lies. Grimm???s American Macabre is filled with modern fairy tales???with imaginative twists. Best advice for a troller? If you can come up with a great line to shut them up, use it, without insulting or dropping to their level (under the bridge). And then ignore them. How not to become a troller? Always use your real name in social media. Plan to make friends???not enemies. And then maybe real life won???t come back to pellet you with rocks.

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