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Mystic Fire

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The wagon rocked, shaking the three runaways into clutching each other as Tobias jumped out.

“Tobias! You’s leaving us here alone?! You promised to keep us safe!”

Tobias turned back to his sister. “They’re catching up to us now, Sadie. We have to split. One of us will get through. You keep going. Don’t stop. You know what to do.”

Sadie clung to her children as Tobias sprinted up a rock cliff and looked for a route of escape. “You be careful, Tobias! I’ll find us a Cartwright, like we planned. You just be careful!”

“We’ll make this right, Sadie, we has to. Lincoln has to. Hurry!”

* * *

With his ranch house waiting cozy and firelight-warm behind him, his sons finishing dinner, Ben Cartwright walked outside to watch the sun fight the coming darkness over Lake Tahoe. No color in the sky, no clouds, no moisture. This was about the driest weather he could remember. Carson Valley was normally dry most of the year, but on the mountain they should have a little rain by now. He couldn’t shake the warning in his gut, a half-grown fear not ready to be shared with his sons. Once he figured its source… (continue reading)


Timing: Becoming an authorized 'Bonanza' writer

THE internet, a little timing, luck, and some ridiculous miscommunication. Of course ridiculous miscommunication and the internet do go quite well together, so this success, as with most success, the key was in the timing.

Back in 1992 I was head of “the Bonanza Board” on Prodigy’s internet site. I had found no other Bonanza fan sites and since I had just started writing Bonanza fanfic for a western fanzine, craved communicating with other fans.

It was a different kind of internet back then. There was email but no IM’ing and the sites did not send email from other people directly into your inbox. Instead, you had to link on to the public bulletin board to read what others wrote to your posting. Today we would call them ‘blogs’ without RSS feed. 

I got nearly an immediate response to the start of this Bonanza fan site, and the first Bonanza-dom was born. Inside that universe I found what I did not expect—all the anger toward Pernell Roberts (Adam) for leaving the show. This eventually led me to give up the site in 1994, at least as its leader. I openly confessed there that after Roberts left I lost interest in the show, so many of those who came together under this Prodigy roof began to revile me.

But I was there long enough to get series creator David Dortort’s attention. Because of timing. (continue reading)

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